Since 1958, the SAGA Engineering Division has provided its customers with industry-leading polishing and grinding machines, that are custom designed by our engineers to fit individual needs and requirements. SAGA Engineers work in and alongside the shop to refurbish and update older machines, develop turnkey equipment, and create complete designs and in-house builds of custom machines.


48" Continuous Polisher

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-A machine designed for large batches of flat optical polishing

  • 3 Ring Drives for Multi-Station Polishing of Flat Optics

  • Large, 48” Cast Iron Table

  • Driven Bruiser for accurately maintaining Pitch Flatness

  • Integrated Pitch Trimmer

  • Robust Build to Minimize Table Vibration

Engineering constructed a CAD of the 48" and ran Finite Element Analysis on the model to test the model against high loads and obtain vibrational modes.

XY Cylindrical Polisher

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-Designed for Polishing Cylindrical and Toric Lenses

  • Quick-Interchange Table

  • Accurate Micrometer Stroke Adjustment Dial

  • Pneumatically Pressurized Polishing Arm

  • Enclosed for Dust Protection

XY Polishers Lapping a Cylindrical Surface

6 Station Polisher

- Machine designed for polishing single lap-to-optic at up to 6 locations.

  • 6 radially driven arms

  • 6 rotating polishing bases

  • Speed controls for both the arm and base at each station

  • Tachometer readings at each control for consistent results

100R-ES Spindle Polisher

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-Designed for Individual Optical Polishing

  • Capable of Polishing Spherical and flat optical surfaces

  • Electrically Controlled Stroke Change

  • Pneumatically Powered Polishing Head